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Wind farms

PromFin Energo develop and construct wind farm energy projects which concern creation of turbine farms. In the end are obtained additional work positions and income sources to rural land proprietors which are additional advantage to local economy. A huge advantage is that this energy is generated without consuming natural resources, provoking contamination or creating noxious residues.

The atmosphere creates wind every day and this energy source is free. To grab and economically convert it into electrical power to the grid or local use is the task at hand for developers. 

The multi-unit power plants are much more reliable and efficient fuel than single or many power stations. They efficiently work also on part load and in demanding ambient conditions, allowing high dispatch even in warm climates, rugged terrains and high altitudes. PromFin Energo offer the best available cycle energy efficiency of current technologies, 45% or more. With our solution, you obtain all the advantages of a flexible simple cycle plant in combination with the perfect efficiency of a combined cycle plant.

Construction of wind energy farm projects for power distribution into the electrical network is our most prevalent working request. Applicants ordinarily send us their well-prepared business plan and here we are entering in the working process. Strong summaries and financial status are obvious components of a successful application for wind farm development construction.

The wind power was used in the world for a long time. Just in recent decades, the development of wind energy farms for distribution to the electrical grid was found as gainful by developers and depositors. The mill was utilized as transformer of wind or animal power to mechanical energy for pumping the water and for milling the crops. Today the wind power is utilized to put in motion the turbines to generate electricity for buildings, factories and enterprises. In present, the old mills are transfigured in modern mills comprising the turbine placed on tall pylon measuring about 30-40 m to grab the wind power and to generate electricity. At that height, the turbines can benefit the rapid currents and a lower turbulence. They catch the wind power with propellers, which are often compared to airplane wings and are ordinarily in number of three, installed on a core or rotor. The blades function like the airplane wings when the currents are moving conducting to creation of a pocket of low pressure on the leeward side which pull the blade toward making turning the rotor generating electricity.

When is performed the securization of land in one way or another in addition with other early stage demands of project, can begin the development process for your wind farm energy project. A reasonable income prognosis of a single utility grade turbine for the land proprietors is about 2,500 Euro a year. On 100 hectares land, with turbines generate income of about 12-15 Euro for a hectare, the annual lease income can be around 12,000 Euro and only around 1 hectare excluded from crop production. Wind power farms can strengthen the rural and other communities’ economy by ensuring stable cash flow by means of incomes from lease or royalty to land proprietors. This evidently multiplies the income of land proprietors and assists the stimulation of the local economy. The land proprietors can permit installation of turbines with minor affectation to crop production.

PromFin Energo is ready to work with your company to proceed with your project development. We support in forming the document file from business plan to commissioning. We can also recommend financing companies which are able to introduce your file to creditors and depositors that have huge expertise, professionalism and capability in the domain of energy markets. It is very important not only what you can but also who you know that can make the difference in receiving the investment for your project. The sphere of renewable power is spectacular and definitely very attractive. With an eye to obtain the development of these projects, determined matters need to take place in determined manner. At this stage we are entering in the collaboration. Our expertise in providing developments differentiates us from the multitude of entities and gives us priority. Our partners are adequately experienced to guide your project during the process in order to facilitate the result obtaining. We are focused on advising, consulting and providing turnkey developments by means of balancing existing with the improved turbine technologies which are developing constantly.


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