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Multi-unit power plants

PromFin Energo provide development, construction and operation of multi-unit power plants. This kind of installations are quite common while are engineered to rise to maximum the efficiency and to meet peak system demand.

The multi-unit power plants consists of multiple sub-units, which are connected in parallel and can use one-fuel or multiple-fuel boilers. Usually they consist of several identical units linked to a steam turbine and an electrical generator, but can be also constituted from a main powerful sub-unit connected with several additional sub-units.

 The boilers can be connected in parallel to the turbine in dependence of the needed configuration or every boiler is connected to separate gas turbine. We supply many types of boilers including also super critical boilers. All the projects are designed and customized by the client needs.

On power plants, which use heat exchangers is obtained heat and this process is named co-generation. The heat volume depends on the power station type and capacity. The multi-unit gas turbine power plants produce much more heat energy than the reciprocating power station and micro turbines. The difference in the volumes of generated thermal energy is up to 50%.
The most important thing is that the hot water resulted from the process is used for heating or for alternative processes.

The multi-unit power plants has an electrical efficiency up to 45-50%, which makes it leader in efficiency obtained at producing only electricity. In case is also produced heat for heating the electrical efficiency decreases, because the exchange of heat is performed at higher temperature. If is taken into account the export of heat for district heating the energy conversion efficiency increase up to 90-95%, making the multi-unit power plant one of the most efficient combined heat and power (CHP) stations.

In high-technology multi-unit gas turbine power plant, the main advantages are high susceptibility to load variations, use of several fuel types without influence the operation of the turbines, the practically absent vibrations, perfect environmental performances, lowered expenses and time needed for technical maintenance.


The multi-unit configuration of power plant allows its availability and reliability up to 95% and highest capacity. Also it provide prompt load following and peak load capability with quick regulation of frequency.

Our plants can be placed near the concentrated power consumption points, due to their size, low levels of emission and noise, visibly lowering in this way the investment cost for the electrical grid. The requirements for infrastructure are low, without consumption of water or with a very little one, and low pressure of the gas (in case of natural gas using as fuel).


The multi-unit power plants are much more reliable and efficient fuel than single or many power stations. They efficiently work also on part load and in demanding ambient conditions, allowing high dispatch even in warm climates, rugged terrains and high altitudes. PromFin Energo offer the best available cycle energy efficiency of current technologies, 45% or more. With our solution, you obtain all the advantages of a flexible simple cycle plant in combination with the perfect efficiency of a combined cycle plant.


Multi-unit power plants provided by PromFin Energo enable the continuous update to the most advantageous fuel, including solutions for renewable and liquid/gaseous fuels. The advantages of multi-fuel and multi-units plant and solutions for fuel conversion are enormous and represent a direct bridge to the future. Due to the best reliability of multi-unit power plants working on natural gas, the quota in power generation will grow significantly in future years. Recent technical progress and the extraction intensification of shale gas and natural gas have resulted in a significant extension of the deliberated impoverishment of gas reserves and as result reduced the natural gas price.


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