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Special Engineered Equipment Delivery

PromFin Energo is proud of its vast expertise in the re-design and fabrication of plant elements and assemblies, starting with simple machined sleeves up to complete re-designed equipment, including also pumps, valves and actuators, Hydro-Electric Power equipment.

Our Advanced Part Solutions supply re-designed and fabricated parts comprising efficiency and material upgrades.

Our offer
Your advantages
• We are qualified to timely provide cost-efficient solution when you encountered potentially long delivery periods, great costs or dated OEM options. In some cases, the OEM may no longer supply or exist.
• Alternatives to direct upgrades or replacement
• Best materials and technologies used for engineering and fabrication
• Fast return to service with short lead periods
• Using hi-tech processes PromFin Energo can obtain a proper equipment. In combination with an expert knowledge of operating conditions and client’s demands our experts perform the optimal design with most suitable material
• Optimised equipment performance to meet current and future process conditions through plant elements re-designed to the latest standards
• Prolonged lifespan of equipment through enhanced material durability
• Recently designed plant elements and equipment take advantage from modern fabrication processes to assure quality and cost efficiency. All new parts bear a PromFin Energo warranty.

• Strong and durable parts meeting requirements

• Confidence in supplying from major producer

• Management of all engineered spares and their requirements. Local data collection to fast supply for stock replenishment
• Lowered management effort with sole supplier
• Fast delivery with coding for simplicity of re-order
• Our work is performed within a solid reverse engineering policy All the provided services and maintenance options available with current design documentation to support
• Confidence in of quality controls developed to abide third-party intellectual property rights
• Operational certitude
• Monitoring of any future plant element design changes
Product envisaging:

  • Valves: butterfly, gate, globe, check, safety and control
  • All pumps envisaging typical applications: feedwater, booster, boiler circulating, condensate extraction, cooling water, fuel oil, drain, seawater lift
  • Pump categories: horizontal and vertical split case, submersible and immersible, axial and mixed flow, multistage
  • Steam turbines: all models under 100 MW
  • Gas compressors: all axial, centrifugal and reciprocating
  • Other revolving parts: mixer arms and blades, fans and blowers
  • Derrick repairs, casting moulds, damaged special parts
  • Manufacturing process equipment
  • All main plant elements and systems
  • Runner substitution and upgrade


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