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Operation and maintenance

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Services provided by PromFin Energo: periodical maintenance contracts, other repairs, renewal and upgrade, residual life evaluation, scheduled shutdowns, and also overhauling, maintenance and services of upgrading for power plants.

We provide circumstantial O&M services, mostly for power projects worldwide. We have provided O&M services for various projects in the Eastern Europe, South Africa, Asia and South America. Since the beginning of providing O&M services, we participated in more than 20 O&M contracts.

We provide long-term maintenance services for power plants and know that this area will exponentially increase consistently because of the significant grow in the installed base of Independent Power Producers. As of May 31, 2015, we were engaged on 3 periodical maintenance contracts for power plants with total capacity of 1045 MW. We intend to strengthen our experience also by providing overhauling and maintenance services to power plants for the reason to provide similar services to other industries and jurisdictions.

Proven O&M Experience

PromFin Energo has great experience in providing O&M services with a wide range of fuels, equipment and operating conditions. Our experience with several type of fuels comprise natural and shale gas, biomass, coal and waste.

Plant owners can benefit of our O&M experience with all types of power generation applications, including electric power, central heating, combined cycle or process steam.

Full Spectrum of Services

PromFin Energo is qualified in all steps of power plant O&M services to obtain high availability, performance, safety and rentability.

Our competencies comprise:

  • O&M evaluation and budgeting
  • Startup and commissioning services
  • Plant personnel recruiting, training, policies and procedures
  • Environmental compliance programs and permitting assistance
  • Processes for Operating
  • Maintenance management programs
  • Long-term plant operation and maintenance
  • Inventory control
  • Safety control programs
  • Quality control programs
  • Procurement services
  • Enterprise system management
  • Periodical surveys and audits
  • Plant enhancements and upgrades
  • Parts replacement and field engineering services

Milestones of Prosperous Plant Performance:


For PromFin Energo safety is the basic corporate value. Our goal to finish daily without damages and incidents is applied in all the operating units, branches and departments of the company.
The broad environmental health and safety (EH&S) program of PromFin Energo has consistently enhanced plant safety. Results comprise decrease in business risk and amelioration in operational performance. We insistently aspire to 100% EH&S compliance and workplace without injuries and incidents.

We regularly conduct EH&S surveys to recognize areas of concern. Then, we distinguish and implement target upgrades.

Full implementation of safety rules and facilities has resulted in serious ameliorations that have positive effects on power plant culture and work environment and contribute to peak performance growth.

Plant Operation

Provision of full O&M services list begin on the commercial operation date when plant operation and maintenance in accordance with the owner objectives are transferred to our full responsibility.
Rentable durable operation and maintenance call for maximizing availability while optimizing equipment life. PromFin Energo services of operation are developed and implemented for the coherent achievement of this objective via:

  • Power plants operation safely, in a compliant and productive way
  • Development and implementation of formal procedures, maintenance, environmental and safety management programs
  • Overall maintenance and control of power plants
  • Consultancy and recommendation of tooling and inventory needs
  • Advice on procedural changes to enhance operation
  • Reaction and adjustments on changing operating conditions
  • Daily operation and maintenance
  • Supervision of plant performance, diagnostics and efficiency upgrades
  • Handling maintenance contracts
  • Controlling interfaces with market operations and trading
  • Equipment review and spares management
  • Health, safety and environmental management
  • Systematic maintenance and in case of fails
  • Upgrades of plant output and productivity
  • Asset management planning
  • Management of O&M budgeting and costs
  • Management of fuel contracts
  • Management of the field

Plant Maintenance

In order to reach maximum plant availability and durability of equipment, and to decrease forced outage number, PromFin Energo develops custom long-term maintenance programs that comprise:

  • Prophylactic maintenance
  • Predictive procedures of maintenance
  • Planned maintenance
  • Major upgrades

Power plant owners should request the best when choosing a competent provider of operation and maintenance services. Our O&M solutions offer proven results that customers request.



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