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Supply agreements

The detailed agreements structure for power plant will be different from project to project.

At the same time, power plant projects will have mostly the primary structure exemplified above.

From the scheme can be seen that the project company will commonly enter into contracts which envisage the following aspects:

  • contract giving the project company the right to build and run the power plant and to sell the generated electricity.
  • construction contract regulating the power plant construction. 

There are several contractual possibilities to build a power plant. An engineering, procurement and construction contract is one possibility. Another possibility is to have a supply contract, a design contract and construction contract with/without a project management agreement.

  • contract regulating the power plant operation and maintenance. It is commonly a long-term operation and maintenance contract for the operation and maintenance of the power plant by an specialized operator.
  • contract regulating the supply of fuel to the power plant (beside wind, solar and hydro). It is commonly a fuel supply contract, often with the local government body that controls the fuel supply, used by the power plant (eg. coal, fuel oil, gas etc).
  • Financing and security contracts with the creditors to finance the project development.

For the best evolution of power plant operation beside the supply agreements from above we sign with the customer a Supply Agreement for at least one or more of the following:

  • Spare parts
  • Manpower
  • Training
  • Workshop services

Spare parts

Hi-tech spare parts fill up the wolrwide service offered by PromFin Energo for the whole operation and maintenance of power plants.

Fast delivering network, flexible stock management and updated engineering are crucial in distinguishing our spare parts management.

Based on highly varied spare parts and wide experience in the Service and Maintenance of our own and third parties’ plants, PromFin Energo fabricates and continually elaborates capital and rest of spares parts for gas/steam turbines, turbogenerators and hydrogenerators.
PromFin Energo aspire to satisfy the most demanding client requirements regarding efficiency, reliability, availability, environmental impact and lifecycle costs.

Our Spare Parts portfolio reflects following tasks:

  • Original capital and non-capital spare parts
  • Enhanced/upgraded plant elements
  • Enhanced/upgraded materials
  • Upgraded interchangeable spare parts
  • Enhanced last stage blades
  • Seals
  • Bearings
  • Statoric bars
  • High temperature bolts
  • Excitation systems
  • Retaining rings with enhanced materials
  • Original and enhanced auxiliaries to meet latest regulations

At present, our spare part database manages more than 30 catalogues with about 22.000 items. The database concept also allows following of each spare part’s path, its availability, the exact location and the replacement necessity.


Through our work force database, developed over years and regularly updated, we have about 500 CVs for potential envisaging of any project/organization.
Furthermore, we are a market leader in the power plant domain with extraordinary offer for workers supply.

To respond to client’s demands PromFin Energo can provide from operators to complex teams (e.g. from technician to Project Manager etc.).
All options that we provide are supported by a vast expertise in international contracts, and a subsidiaries network and international companies that continue developing taking in consideration the market’s demands.

Moreover, for providing assistance to local logistics, we constituted various partnerships that allow us to be present worldwide. A parallel chain of qualified international suppliers assist our enlisters to find the most suitable candidates in the market, in order to assure the best service to our clients.

A huge workers list composed of specialized technicians, engineers and managers that are representing our company almost in all domains of energy and power, with a particular consideration on Europe and the areas where our presence is well-mounted.
The flexibility of our company grant us to manage temporary staffing and advisory contracts, concentrating on local tasks in different countries.

Highly skilled workers will be able to meet our clients needs and nominalize the candidates potential, thus ensuring a quick and thriving answer.


In power plants are used complex and diverse processes and the systems. Certain personnel work all the career in the same small section of the process, never knowing or understanding, the importance and influence of how issues in a section can work up another one or how a small divergence from specifications can induce huge monetary losses for the power plant. Many workers admit the advantage of hiring capable personnel, which consider the cognition of full power plant spectrum. Actually, managers and executives also take better decisions when the overall situation is understood from a technical perspective.

We provide and develop the unique highly respected program that can be taken module at a time.
The program is accessible in distance learning format with online examinations. The information also comprise Guides for expert instructors teaching a classroom version of the course.
The main Power Plant Training program comprise 14 chapters:

  • Power and Recovery areas presentation
  • Boilers Introduction and Controls
  • Power Plant Science and Instrumentation
  • Power Plant Auxiliary Equipment
  • Oil/Gas Fired Boilers
  • Stoker Fired Boilers
  • Pulverized Coal Firing
  • Steam Turbines
  • Steam Distribution System
  • Water Processing and Conditioning
  • Condensate System
  • Boiler Feedwater System
  • Ash Removal Systems
  • Electrical Production and Distribution

These chapters are embracing important power plant domains including:

  • Boilers
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Water
  • Steam
  • Condensate systems
  • Instrumentation and control systems

Workshop services

As a power plant specialist, we provide services and repair to a wide range of power plant equipment. Routine maintenance and major repairs on all major makes that power plant to be our specialty. Our expertise does not stop with the turbines and generator but expands to take care of all vital equipment in the power plant.

Our Services envisage: turbines, generators, turbochargers, hydro/mechanical equipment, fuel equipment, governors, automation and controls etc., making us a leading power plant service provider.

Our workshop equipped with hi-tech hardware is able to provide professional services in accordance with our clients’ needs.

Our greatly skilled service staff is able to execute precision work following the OEM guidelines. We operate professional equipment and machinery in our workshop. Our particularized service decreases the downtime and ensures continuous operations for our clients. Our turbine services are destined to strengthen the performance and prolong the lifecycle of your power plant.



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