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Transmission & substations

A substation is a unit where electricity transmitted from a power station pass though the voltage conversion process. Beside the main transformer equipment, we provide also full package of services as design, delivery, and construction of civil engineering and construction works for the substations foundations and building, and other peripheral equipment.

PromFin Energo has a huge experience in the assembling, building and enhancing of Gas and Air Insulation Substations, domain that is a fundamental part of transmission of electrical power.

We obtained reputation by utilizing exceptional treatment in executing design, purchasing, construction and engineering projects in several sectors but especially in energy sector, that comprise the preliminary scheduling & planning and administration of substations to harmonize with the operational gauge of our clients.

We obtained a proven experience in enhancing and enlarging existing substations and assuring these services in accordance with planned schedule and cost. The scheduling, project management and realization of major transmission lines is the branch of PromFin Energo for long time, and that is why we assure distinct privileges in estimating the substation demands of our clients.

We have abilities to erect generator and high-voltage transmission stations and sophisticated distribution facilities. We executed erection services for several power plants, which comprised placement and erection of the whole electric transmission infrastructure, and these opportunities was the result of our leading market position. In addition, we performed exceptional infrastructure, industrial and power plants studies to detect the superior and rational routes of building engineering schematics for the transmission facilities.

PromFin Energo have widespread chain of project managers and extremely skilled designers, and these key factors lead us possibility to develop a complex protection system by using the multiplicity for communication environments like power lines, microwave conduits and fiber optic paths to ingeniously complete enhancements and modifications, surveys of grounding system and engineering, and material purchasing.


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