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Maintenance agreements

We provide periodical maintenance works for power plants of all possible types and combinations. Provision of comprehensive periodical (annual) maintenance contracts services for the entire plant give us possibility to assure effective coordination, costs lowering and to grow economies of scale.

As of May 31, 2015, we were engaged on 3 power plants maintenance works with a total capacity of 1045 MW. Some of these maintenance agreements are recurring contracts from precedent years. 

Responsibility for maintenance

The services of Outsourcing Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of the power station to PromFin Energo means best performance and operation of the power plant.

In O&M contracts, PromFin Energo assume full responsibility for:

  • Mobilization of the full O&M handling
  • Management, operation and maintenance of the power plant
  • Spare parts provision
  • Consumables provision
  • Performance guarantees on characteristics like: 
  • Availability
  • Production
  • Heat rate
  • Lubricants consumption
  • Emissions

Optimizing power plant performance

Since our establishment, we have developed an argued approach to power stations operation and maintenance, based on our expertise in handling over 2400 MW of power plants. The power plants in our portfolio of operation and maintenance consistently achieve best performance, with an outage rate less than 2% at all power plants during last years.

Our working experience in several types of technologies and energy sources, including combined cycle gas turbines, open cycle gas turbines, coal, biomass, solar, hydro and wind.
We offer customized solutions, engaged for optimal performance during power plant lifetime. In dependence of clients’ needs these solutions can comprise initial project support, mobilization, full operation and maintenance services, technology transfer or operation and maintenance consultancy.

Power plant mobilization

Within the plant mobilization, PromFin Energo ensures that the needed systems and processes for effective power plant operation are running normally, and that operation and maintenance team has the experience and ability to assume full responsibility for the power plant starting with the date of commercial operation.

Activities comprise:

  • Introduction of the plant and revision of plant requirements
  • Creation of O&M organization structure
  • Personnel training
  • Management systems and procedures elaboration and implementation
  • Taking part in plant commissioning
  • Negotiation of long-term maintenance contract
  • O&M plan and budget elaboration

Technology transfer solutions for power plants

Our solutions for technology transfer have the purpose to equip local operation and maintenance teams with the expertise and abilities to run and maintain the plant without external assistance. The process include documenting procedures, training programs and knowledge transfer from our employees to local personnel in an established time-frame.

Activities comprise:

  • Evaluations of competencies
  • Programs of skills transfer
  • Processes and procedures documentation
  • Power plant transferring and assistance



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