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Plant enhancements and rehabilitation

With a vast expertise in creating environmental systems and innovating infrastructure, industrial and power projects, PromFin Energo assures exceptional capabilities of plant engineering and enhancement to securely and inventively provide large, multi-discipline enhancements to our clients.

PromFin Energo activities comprise managing effectual, pre-production establishments and solidity procedures for major plant enhancements, which lead to a strong plant solidity and a raised time of reliable operating. Our multi-optional management system is complex, and our anticipating/ precluding maintenance procedures assure irreproachable operation.

Our latest finished projects comprise prosperously completing plant enhancements on gas-fired power plants for several large industrial companies.

We have the technical advantage and project management expertise for prosperous job fulfillment to guarantee accordance to project objective, planning, budget and general direction. In every project we start: design and erection project, plant enhancements all of them are carry out in conformity with the legislation in force – in relation to radiological protection demands – which do our work secure and energy rational.

PromFin Energo plant rehabilitation services are destined to increase electrical and industrial power plant performance and also to prolong their operation life. We integrate our own engineering capabilities with industry leading experts in a shared system and major plant element design to assure that the most reliable knowledge is be applied.

Our offer
Your advantages
• Overall rehabilitation of power plant from parent baseline evaluations up to delivering, overhaul and commissioning
• Minimized management complexity
• Supplying of Cost effective entire project
• Minimized project risk
• Thorough understanding of all determined issues of your plant with design and operation experts for each equipment unit and process.
• System engineers with great expertise for assuring that each plant part is perfectly integrated in the system
• Optimized solution starting with fuel input up to electrical output according to the required performance specification and budget
• Increased generation capacity and durable performance during plant update and/or selection of new equipment
• Detailed scheduling and support from project managers with great expertise in the domain of power plant maintenance and infrastructure projects
• Revenue’s increasing due to return to operation on time and budget minimizing generation downtime
• Ensuring the project delivery with full progress transparence until commissioning and handover to your operational team
• Project engineers and managers with knowledge and expertise in delivering power plant projects
• All the provided equipment and plant elements are fabricated in accordance with international standards
• Durable ongoing performance of provided equipment
• Minimized plant downtime or projects delivered delays at the expense of accidents
• Designed according to environmental compliance considerations


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