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Technical management

PromFin Energo offers technical management services within all activities and types of power plants customized to fit the specific demands of our customers.

PromFin Energo’s technical management services are constituted on a joint of the following:

  • Repair and alignment of turbines/generator
  • Complete overhaul of turbines, boilers and auxiliary equipment
  • Troubleshooting and origin analysis
  • Heat rate metering
  • Emissions metering
  • Plant performance estimation
  • Generator examination, general maintenance and repair
  • Maintenance Management Systems realization
  • Infrared scanning
  • On-line or on-site support of Distributed Control Systems
  • Emergency services.
Benefits for the power plant owner:

  • PromFin Energo has a solid experience and knowledge in design, construction, operation, maintenance, repairing, upgrading and managing power plants
  • PromFin Energo collaborates with well-known partners and industry providers allowing us to meet all our customers’ technical demands
  • Lowered outage time as PromFin Energo’s services are provided by qualified managers, specialists and teams that are working on a continuous schedule.

Maintenance planning

The aim of Maintenance Planning is to maximize the Plant Availability Factor and the Plant Load Factor.

Maintenance scheduling:

  • Routine – yearly
  • Prophylactic – yearly
  • Shutdown – should be avoided
  • Capital Overhauling – Planned in advance
  • Annual Overhauling – Planned in advance
  • Renewal and upgrades – according to equipment Life cycle
Maintenance Planning:

  • For every 3 years Maintenance period
  • Presence of Critical Materials
  • Presence of Consumable Materials
  • Minor renewal for amelioration of performance
  • Frequent equipment failure information to be prepared
Objective Maintenance Planning:

  • For equipment efficiency enhancement
  • Right action for right work
  • Realization of work in agreed time-frame
  • Supervision the work quality and progress
  • Expenditure in work

Maintenance planning importance:

  • Equipment halting minimization
  • Down-Time decrease
  • Safety Hazard decrease
  • Effectiveness maximization

Maintenance Planning System animate:

  • Development of availability consciousness sense
  • Detailed pre-planning of major plant equipment
  • Development of system for overall periodical planning of maintenance work
  • Development of cost database for control principals and requirements
  • Meeting urgent/emergency requirements
  • Progress supervision and monitoring against plan to effect enroute correction
  • Work force to maximum from available

Maintenance cost prediction

Operation and maintenance costs are different between various types of power generation but constitute an significant part of any power plant’s business case. Power technologies categorize Operation and maintenance costs in the energy sector to establish the cheapest to run and maintain generating facilities.

Is the energy source renewable or fossil-fuel, the cost of operation and maintenance constitutes an significant part of the power plant economic cycle, the investment overview, capital expenditure and fuel costs that must be balanced against life-cycle profitability, output efficiency and availability. These ongoing costs fixed and variable comprise daily prophylactory and corrective maintenance, work force costs, asset and site management, health and safety procedures, and a host of other important tasks.

Operation and maintenance costs are different between various types of power generation, and the operation and maintenance charge often has a changing role in the fundamental cost analysis of various power plants – high maintenance costs are compensated by advantages in other areas, and vice versa. Here we present the average Operation and maintenance costs for the most common power generation types during exploring their reasons and how they fit into the wider landscape of power plant economics.

The fundamental for this analysis is the information taken from the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) World Energy Investment Outlook 2014, which comprise raw information on average yearly Operation and maintenance costs in the power industry currently and in the future. The IEA’s future cost forecasts are based on New Policies Scenario, which includes countries’ announced policy commitments and plans in its projections. Current costs are based on 2012 information, with projections given for 2020 and 2035. As the Operation and maintenance information from IEA is divided between various regions, we have taken the as default information the Europe for comparison among power generation types.

Condition estimation

PromFin Energo is able to protect your bottom line by performing an independent estimation of the plant elements condition of your power plant and the remaining useful life of plant elements for future secure operation.

PromFin Energo conduct expert origin analyses, remaining useful life forecast, and overall condition evaluations for power plant infrastructure. Condition evaluations are conducted on a broad range of mission-critical plant elements important to running of your power plant.
Power Plant Condition evaluations are conducted for the following equipment:

Boiler Equipment:

  • Boiler Tube
  • Waterwalls
  • Headers
  • Economizer
  • Steam Drum
  • Attemperators and Link Piping
  • Air Heater
  • Fans
  • SCR
  • Casing
  • Low-NOx burners

High Energy Piping:

  • Hot Reheat Piping
  • Cold Reheat Piping
  • Main Steam Piping
  • Feedwater Piping
  • Extraction Steam Piping
  • Condensate Piping
  • Hangers

Turbine and Generator Equipment:

  • HP/IP Rotor and Casing
  • LP Rotor and Casing
  • Valves of Throttle, Governor etc.
  • Reheat Stop, Intercept Valves
  • Generator
  • Exciter

Balance of Plant (BOP) Equipment:

  • Condenser
  • Feedwater Heaters
  • Deaerator Tank and Storage Tank
  • Blowdown Tank
  • Boiler Feed and Circulating Water Pumps
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Conveyors
  • Pulverizers
  • Coal Piping

To find out how condition evaluation services can directly affect positively your power plant work, please contact us.

Condition monitoring

Performance and conditioning monitoring can assist you correctly handle the costs of power plant cycling operations.

These costs can reach to significant accessions in maintenance and capital expenses for generation units. PromFin Energo can reduce considerably them by correct operations readjustment, online feedback and training programs for operators via PowPlant®.

This online, plant condition and cost monitoring platform designed to be readily added to the current generation of power plant information acquisition and control systems. PowPlant® calculates damage accumulation rates over all the plant and amount of costs for base load and cycling operation. All this is managed by making real-time measurements from the data acquisition and control systems and calculating actual stress growth, damage accumulation and fuel input costs. This approach draws on PromFin Energo’s cost of cycling analysis that derives amount of costs for defined load transients.

PowPlant® is easily installed to be used on fossil-fuel steam, gas turbine combined cycle power plants and multi-units power plants. The software-based platform assigns the cost impacts of growing ramp rates, MW load transient ranges, and reduced startup and shutdown times. By using PowPlant®, operators can know how to regulate cycling operations for the optimization of operations and lowering the costs.

PowPlant® has the following modes of operation:

  • Normal mode: Real time cost monitoring
  • Reconciliation mode: Historical operations monitoring for plant management
  • Training mode: Simulation mode to teach new/current operators on best practices

The power plant damage and calibrated costs are transferred to plant management and also to the dispatch center as they occur in real time. The platform may be installed at plants, where PromFin Energo performed earlier cycling cost analysis, or can be appreciated using power plant test information and a standardization to similar plants.

Periodical checking

Independent third-party checking help customers worldwide to protect their financial, branding and legal interests across the entire supply network – from raw materials and finished goods to plant facilities, equipment and properties. We provide checking services to manufacturers, traders, plant operators and other buyers and sellers of energy products.

Checkings are done to decrease the risk of defective operation by ensuring accordance to customer standards, industry and government regulations. This serves to protect your technical and financial interests, assist to manage risks and ensure quality of manufactured and delivered products for the final destination at the client specifications.

Very skilled inspectors contribute to identify non-standard or non-compliant plant elements and materials. Materials that we basically test and inspect are from special clothes, construction materials, maintenance products to crude oil, chemicals and refined petroleum products during transportation, custody transfer and storage operations.

We also assist the life management of plant facilities like power plants and oil refineries with checking and testing, ensuring that your assets are operated in a safe and secure manner.

O&M consultancy services

PromFin Energo offers a diapason of Operation and maintenance consultancy services, from operational audits to organizational monitoring and performance surveys.

The advantage from PromFin Energo’s power plant Operation and maintenance solutions are:

  • Optimization of plant performance: our power plants solidly deliver high availability and low forced outage rages. We adopt a shared risk model, which strengthens our commitment to optimize plant performance for our customers
  • Managing risks: our engineering capability ensures quick and efficient consideration of issues with needed power plant expertise
  • Meeting commercial objectives: we understands our clients’ commercial objectives and assist them by efficient power plant Operation and maintenance services
  • Protect your interests: as PromFin Energo is not associated to any supplier or OEM, we offer expert, independent consultancy on choosing equipment and management of spares, due to our experience in many types of technologies
  • Meet safety, health and environmental standards: PromFin Energo aim to ensure safe and healthy ambience for everybody tied with our company’s operations.
  • Learn from our experience: PromFin Energo contributes to knowledge sharing between the operated power plants to enhance their performance