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Power generation

PromFin Energo in the last few decades has played a representative role in growing the capacity of global power generation via our services in the field of engineering, erection management and maintenance. We have accomplished projects in the infrastructure, industrial and power markets, and are identified for assuring a large diversity of power plants maintaining the budget and timing terms. PromFin Energo collaborate with more than 1,000 extremely qualified designers and engineers, and we are able to assure complete detailed engineering services. Our specialized professionals in the Power industry comprise experts in boilers, emissions control, turbine generators, execution and all components and parts of plant systems.

PromFin Energo perform progressive projects erecting power generation and cogeneration plants meeting the strict ecological standards and maintaining very low pollutants level. We have prosperously constructed projects of plants for governmental and independent Customers, also industrial cogeneration plants using biomass, natural gas, shale gas and alternative fuels. We erected over 10 boilers on the base of solid fuel and we have upgraded more than 30 power plants.

Our worldwide influence in the power industry is enlarged by a huge number of prosperously accomplished projects that was finalized in accordance with the budget and schedule terms. We obtained top marks for security, quality and project management capabilities and several projects performed by us, also obtained industry prizes for mastery erection. The utilization of modern machinery and in addition with our liability to meet high standards, allows us to provide efficacious power production at high value.

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