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Renewable generation

By the reason that the demand of renewable energy sources is actually more important for our ambiance and keeps growing, PromFin Energo is concentrated on erecting power plants using alternative fuels power, solar and wind power, and waste-to-energy sources to compensate the carbon footprint.

As long as our clients are interested to transmit to the next generations a better world, assuring more environmentally friendly electricity and carbon compensation assures an aid to obtain this goal. In addition, we supply a large variety of biological fuel choice possibilities, which are part of the energy consumption. Our obligation consists in assisting our clients around the world to design and execute projects using renewable energy meeting their specific demands.

We assure services to elaborate and operate electricity generating power plants utilizing renewable energy sources, which helps in creating instruments needed for sustainable development of energy production for the future. Our guideline and scope is to concentrate on the perspectives and provocations for the sector of renewable energy and to guarantee that our technology in electric power generation is an important part of the energy efficiency solution for our next generation.

From this domain we provide:

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