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Biomass power plants

The term “biomass” comprise diverse fuels derived from wood, agriculture and food processing wastes or from fuel crops that are specifically grown or reserved for electricity generation. Biomass fuel can also include sewage sludge and animal manure.

Burning crop residues, sewage or manure – all wastes that are continually generated by society – to generate electricity may offer environmental benefits in the form of preserving precious landfill space or may be grown and harvested in ways to not cause environmental harm.

At the moment, most biomass power plants use wood, agricultural crops or wood wastes. Direct Combustion power plants burn the biomass fuel directly in boilers that supply steam for the same kind of steam – electric generators used to burn fossil fuels. With biomass gasification, biomass is converted into a gas that fuel steam generators, combustion turbines, combined cycle technologies. The primary benefit of biomass gasification, compared to direct combustion, is that extracted gasses are used in a variety of power plant configurations.

In terms of capacity, biomass power plants represent the second largest amount of renewable energy worldwide. Because biomass technologies use combustion processes to produce electricity, they generate electricity at any time, unlike wind and most solar technologies, which only produce electricity periodically. 

Biomass is a renewable energy source using organic materials including:

  • Wood and wood wastes
  • Agricultural wastes and crops produced for use as bio fuels
  • Bio-derived fuels, including: municipal solid waste, refuse-derived fuel, sewage sludge, animal waste.

Over the years striving to be on the edge of progress we also specialized to provide dedicated biomass co-firing systems for fossil-fuel power plants. We’re also working with clients on 100% biomass conversion on utility class boilers.

As governmental agencies and stakeholders continue to drive environmental regulation and responsibility levels upward, the demand for cleaner sources of thermal energy and electricity becomes very important and increased constantly. 

Our biomass-fired steam power plants fit that demand. 

By choosing our biomass-fired steam power plant you will have the following benefits:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to our efficient, flexible boiler technology that allows optimum co-firing using biomass
  • Our service of receiving, handling, storing and processing the biomass ready for direct loading into boilers

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