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Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Management

PromFin Energo provides project management packages and engineering, procurement and construction management for your power plant and process industry projects.

Our highly skilled and experienced project managers, engineering managers, construction supervisors, procurement team and expediters are able to carry out projects worldwide, in the local language if required.

Our company apply the most modern project management and documentation management tools, entitling us to regularly report to you. Our presence is reinforced by our EPC contractor background, which entitle us to be aware of all the tasks regarding the progress of the entire project.

Retentions and cost surcharges are inadmissible in power projects. The half the battle is early consolidation of engineering design, procurement, construction, startup and commissioning.

Benefits from EPCM agreement for the power plant owner:

  • An EPCM agreement requires minimal input from the client
  • An EPCM project demands only 2 points of contact facilitating monitoring and coordination and to save money
  • Monitored construction costs have as result cost saving in comparison to EPC
  • An EPCM contract assures the best provided equipment and saves the client time

We acknowledge that the EPCM projects success relies on engineering experience of our EPCM activity. This comprise:

  • Project engineers
  • Experienced in EPCM project managers
  • Our design and development team
  • Engineers focused on process design, power equipment and instrumentation
  • Expert engineers in supplying current certificates for all equipment, maintenance documents and manuals
  • Dedicated monitoring and commissioning team
  • Expert aftermarket service team

PromFin Energo offers an extensive range of services for gas turbines power plants. Our services are delivered directly to parts for generative drive and mechanical drive turbines, including: MS 3002, MS 6001, MS 5002, MS 7001, MS 5001, MS 9001, MS 5 Hi-Tech.

PromFin Energo also provide optional highly rated kit with its combustion parts. The Service Life Plus package, comprise newly engineered combustion parts with enhanced lifecycle.


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