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New generation

The worldwide economic development requires more generation of ecological, efficacious power plants and PromFin Energo is able to provide solutions for all demands. With our professional personnel, image by means of proven reliability and real-cost solutions, Customers worldwide involve PromFin Energo in the erection of new power projects.

We have the ability to meet the demands of our client in erection power plants that utilize diverse types of energy sources: biomass, natural gas, shale gas, syngas and alternative sources. In the actual situation the sources from renewable energy are more widespread, we focus our attention on building plants using alternative fuels power, solar and wind power, and waste-to-energy sources. 

The plants engineered by us for cogeneration use, assure simultaneously electric and thermal power securing high potency for Customers globally. Additionally we ensured purchasing and full erection of combined cycle cogeneration plants that was accomplished in the agreed with Customer costs and terms and providing high quality and security.

Our power generation plants are designed and constructed using advanced methodology, a commitment to security and liability to fit the budget. PromFin Energo generate new power for the succeeding generation of Earth.

Please choose the desired type of power plant:

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