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Solar farms

PromFin Energo develop and construct solar energy and power plants of alternative and sustainable resources, which are now the “tasty morsel” for green creditors and depositors. However, the admiration for these projects can change in accordance with the used equipment and its producer. We can see numerous working examples of such alternative source in the European southwest and worldwide. It is sure that the promotion of solar energy generation is one of the incentive policies of the several EU states, which had set advantageous tariffs for electricity generated in solar farms. In the end in this area, there is a plenty of opportunities for high beneficial rates of return on investment as well for other sustainable sources. Construction of solar power developments generating green and sustainable energy is one of PromFin Energo working domains.

The free source available to everybody generates electric power from sunlight. It can be direct and immediate as with PV (photovoltaic) panels, or indirect as in the case of CSP (concentrating solar power) where the power of the sun is focused to generate steam. This power has the potential to provide the total world consumption of electricity multiplied to one thousand, but by 2014 it was harnessed only at level of 0.8%. In the case it will continue to double the production every 2-3 years, until the end of this century it can become the predominant source of electricity. The biggest plants are still the thermal plants, but in these latter days were commissioned also huge photovoltaic plants. Big solar farms in Portugal, Spain and Germany are representative for the trend in the direction of huge PV power plants. Several larger facilities are planned to be built in Europe and worldwide.

PromFin Energo develop and construct solar energy projects across the Europe and many areas worldwide. Constructing alternative developments of solar power projects passed into a main domain of present environmental challenges. Along with the current expansion and the estimated future evolution of this green resource the capitalization of these undertakings became a large and rising market. There are other important factors that address this source and this is the fact that to generate solar electricity is not needed fuel. This facilitates to lower the facilities operation expenses since there are no acquisition and transportation costs, or environmental problems resulting from power generation from fuels. The general financial outlook of these facilities is fantastic. It will be demanded that this financial need to be matched in the present and into the uncertain future.

The commercial segment is the fastest growing sector of sustainable development industry in Europe. The engineering, acquisition and installation of these commercial systems are pretty expensive and thus the funding of such green power developments as solar energy projects become the major obstacle for any developer in this domain. The Europe market is immense, but first you shall get your proposition built and put in operation, which is a challenge. If you really want to benefit from the profit potential of this industry then you should know how to pass the all issues at every stage of development, which may cause you uncountable delays, expenses and frustration. At this stage, we are entering in the collaboration. We are aware of all needed moves in all directions and the shortcuts to resolve issues starting from documents until commissioning and operation.


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