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Basic Engineered Equipment Delivery

Our experience on steam turbines, wind/hydro turbines, gas compressors is based on a mix of manufacturing patrimony and long-term service supplying. PromFin Energo applies this knowledge to supply many types of services from checking and repair up to complex upgrading works; all destined to minimize operational cost, prolong product life and enlarge performance.

Our offer of services comprise maintenance, repairs, upgrading, management and commissioning of assets. Our services are supplied using engineering experts and provided via a network of local engineers.

Our offer
Your advantages
Checking and repair services envisaging compressors, turbines and auxiliary equipment as stand-alone project or part of outage
Reduced management with PromFin Energo as single source furnisher of all service and repairs
• Managed repairs and upgrades of turbomachinery
• Enhancement and re/de-rates in response to changes in operating conditions
• Product upgrades designed and fabricated to handle operational issues
• Optimized turbine or compressor efficiency with updated designs in accordance with current and future process states
• Larger return on investment from existing equipment with prolonged operable life
• Minimized downtime via perfectly scheduled project delivery
• Progressive Part Solutions supplying re-designed and fabricated parts including efficiency and material upgrades
• Prolonged lifespan of equipment via elevated material durability
• Strengthened performance via plant elements re-designed to latest standards
• Alternatives to direct repair or replacement
• An extensive row of efficiency tests to provide best case solutions comprising:
• diagnostic analysis and condition evaluations
• analysis of noise and vibration levels
• conceptual design and performance mapping
• Reduced downtime by issues recognition before full shutdown followed by targeted action
• Full awareness on issues and solutions to notify decision makers for best outcome
• Return to existing state or enhanced state based on maintenance or upgrade work to your specification
• Proficient coatings to withstand corrosion, erosion and cavitation
• Prolonged lifespan of machinery and plant elements via improved material coatings
• All services provided using a mix of local competences, field engineers and centralized expertise workshops
• Lowered downtime and cost with work performed by best-fit engineers at relevant facilities
Product envisaging:

  • Gas compressors: all axial, centrifugal and reciprocating models
  • Steam turbines: all models under 100 MW
  • Additional products: power recovery turbines, gearboxes, blowers, fans and general ancillary equipment, rotors, drivetrains, yaws, generators, electrical systems


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